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Client Testimonials

Marjorie and John M.


on tile cleaning  "Professional, punctual, and thorough: we can't recommend them enough! Whats more our floor tiles look brand new after 18 years" 

Nate L.


 "My house feels sparkling now that my carpets and upholstery are clean and fresh." 

Heidi G.


"Up till now I was having my ducts cleaned by another company every year. Now I realise I was wasting time and money. After having my full system cleaned my heater works better and the air is cleaner, best of all I won't need it cleaned for 3 years, thankyou.


Restorative - Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Consumers are often confused and wary when it comes time to choose a carpet cleaner, and with good r

Consumers are often confused and wary when it comes time to choose a carpet & upholstery cleaning service, and with good reason when you consider the following:

1. What's commonly referred to as 'steam carpet cleaning' does not actually use 'steam'

 2. What's commonly referred to as ‘dry carpet cleaning’ Isn't actually 'dry'

 3. Consumers also believe that these are the only two methods available to clean carpet. Not true Restorative Carpet Cleaning

is also available.

Ask a carpet ‘STEAM’cleaner why their method is better than 'Dry' Cleaning, and you will likely be told that:  "STEAM Cleaning cleans deeper.

Ask a carpet ‘Dry’ cleaner why their method is better, and you will likely be told that:  "DRY Cleaning does not wet the carpet backing and underlay like STEAM cleaning which leaves your carpet soggy and smelly."

Ask your friends and you are more likely to get all sorts of responses, including horror stories and recommendations of who not to use rather than who to choose. 

It's no wonder consumers are often confused about how to best clean their carpet, especially when you realise that both 'Steam' and 'Dry' cleaning are shortened versions of the full 'Restorative' Cleaning Process.

Restorative carpet cleaning restores your carpet as close as possible to its origin condition with separate wash, rinse and dry cycles. The wash cycle softens deep down dirt and their sticky residues. The rinse cycle removes them from your carpet along with the cleaning solutions.  This means that your carpets tend to stay cleaner for longer….  This process is regarded in the industry as the most thorough way to clean your carpet.

Available Melbourne Metro and Mornington Peninsula 

Full System Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning Melbourne, Ducted Heating Cleaning Melbourne, Air Duct Cleaning Mornington Peninsula

  Consumers are often sceptical about duct cleaning.

They are often unsure as to what duct cleaning actually entails.
 They are confused about what needs to be done and how often it’s needed.
They want to know why ducted systems need cleaning and what exactly are the benefits of having a clean ducted system. 


Duct cleaning originated in the US. Many years after their ducted systems were installed, it was discovered that the duct lines were littered with dust and debris, hence the need for cleaning. Most of these systems, however, had good quality filters on the intake which restricted a lot of the dust entering the system, keeping the return line, fan and heater interior relatively clean. Therefore cleaning focused mainly on the outlet ducting and is commonly referred to as 

'Air Duct Cleaning'.

Ducted Heating Cleaning 

(for Australian conditions)

· If you are considering cleaning your ducted heating system, it is important to realise that cleaning your ducted heating system is not just about the ducts. 

In most cases up to 90% of the dust (and therefore dust mites, pollens, germs and fungi) is located in the air return ducting and heater interior. 

The dust and germs stored here breed and multiply continuously, even when the system is not in use. These contaminants lay ready and waiting for you to turn the system on, allowing them to blow all around your home for you and your family to breathe in. 

Full System cleaning means that the whole of your ducted system is thoroughly cleaned so that it won't require recleaning for 3 years.

We carry out Full System Cleaning for Ducted Heating, Evaporative Cooling and Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning.

Available for Melbourne Metro and Mornington Peninsula


Tile Cleaning, Grout Cleaning, Tile & Grout Cleaning Melbourne Metro and Mornington Peninsula

  Here's how to get your porcelain and ceramic floor tiles and grout to gleam and sparkle like new. Check out our tile cleaning, grout cleaning service.

Our clients are absolutely astounded when they see this system actually work on their own tile grout floors, and you will be too.

This exciting system does not just remove years of built up dirt and grime from tiled floors. It also removes detergent residues from the grout lines.

Detergents residues can make the grout lines appear discoloured and patchy. In fact detergents actually make the grout more porous, thereby collecting more dirt.

This spoils the look of your floors and leads to them resoling relatively quickly.

By removing detergent residues, as well as soils, grout lines return their original colour, and, with a little care, you will be able to keep your floor looking cleaner for longer. 

Available for Melbourne Metro and Mornington Peninsula