7 Step 'RESTORATIVE' Process

The Restorative carpet cleaning process has separate wash, rinse and dry cycles.
The wash cycle softens deep down dirt and their sticky residues.
The rinse cycle removes them from your carpet along with the cleaning solution.
This means that your carpets tend to stay cleaner for longer….compared to regular 'STEAM CLEANING' or 'DRY CLEANING' methods
This process is regarded in the industry as the most thorough way to clean your carpet.

Available Melbourne Metro and Mornington Peninsula


1. 'PRE VACUUM' Carpets are first vacuumed thoroughly to remove as much dry dust as possible.

Dry dust is more easily removed in its dry state. Wet dust turns to slurry, thus requiring more water to draw it from your carpet.

2. 'PRE SPRAY' A Wool Safe cleaning solution is the applied to the carpet fibres according to level of soiling. 

The floral based detergent is considered more ecologically friendly that other carpet cleaning detergents and have excellent grease cutting qualities.

3. 'AGITATION' The leaning solution  is gently worked through the fibres with a rotating nylon brush.

A slow speed buffing machine is used to disperse the solution throughout the fibres. Even coverage ensures deep cleaning to the base of the fibres without wetting carpet backing or underlay.


4. 'RINSING' Your carpet is rinsed clean using clean hot water.

The solution is allowed a dwell time of between 10 and 20 minutes to soften the dirt and grime. 

The carpet is rinsed clean using a truck powered hot water extraction unit with fresh water heated to around 100°C. 

This very hot water aids the removal of sticky substances that attract dirt particles to the fibres, rather than just removing the dirt alone.

5. 'SPOT REMOVAL' Stubborn spot removal treatment.

Some spots require extra treatment. Grease, rust, makeup etc. may require specific treatment with appropriate cleaning solutions. These solutions will be applied to the affected area and then rinsed free from the fibres.

6. 'Drying Passes'

Extra 'drying' passes are made over the carpet to remove excess moisture.


A special nylon rake is used to brush and groom the fibres. 

Grooming restores fibres to their upright position and aerates them to aid drying.



Upholstery Cleaning

Fabric Lounge Suites, Dining Chairs etc. can also be cleaned using the restorative process as follows:
Step 1: Upholstery is dry vacuumed.
Step 2: The cleaning solution is then applied.
Step 3: Cleaning solution is gently brushed into the fabric.
Step 4: The cleaning solution/soil is rinsed from the fabric.
Step 5: Spot cleaning may be necessary for stubborn marks.
Step 6: Extra passes made to aid drying.
Step 7: Fabric is then groomed with Horse Hair Brush.