Tile Cleaning & Grout Cleaning for Cermaic & Porcelain Tiled Floors

Our clients are absolutely astounded when they see this tile grout cleaning system actually work on their own floors, and you will be too.

This exciting system does not just remove years of built up dirt and grime from tiled floors. It also removes detergent residues from the grout lines.

Detergents residues can make the grout lines appear discoloured and patchy. In fact detergents actually make the grout more porous, thereby collecting more dirt.

This spoils the look of your floors and leads to them resoling relatively quickly.

By removing detergent residues, as well as soils, grout lines return their original colour, and, with a little care, you will be able to keep your floor looking cleaner for longer. 

Available Melbourne Metro and Mornington Peninsula

Step by Step

Here's how to get your porcelain and ceramic floor tiles and grout to gleam and sparkle like new.

  1. A special tile cleaning detergent is applied to your floor to soften built in dirt and grime. Dirt and detergent is effortlessly  removed as we pass the tile turbo head over your floor.
  2. Although the tile surface is now clean detergent residues remain in the grout lines. A 'rinsing' agent is applied to the floor to lift residues from deep in the grout. We pass the turbo head over the floor again to extract detergent residues and brighten the grout lines.
  3. The turbo tile cleaning head passes over the floor a third time as a final rinse to ensure no dirt or chemical residues remain.